Vietnam Revisted

In 2012 we took a trip to Vietnam I will attempt to piece some sort of time line. When we first landed we spent a week in my moms village staying at my grandmothers house. These first shots were taken in her backyard.  The diversity in plant life was insane.

The village my mom grew up in has a Buddhist temple on top of the mountain. At the peak of the climb and my dehydration I somehow accidentally chugged half a bottle of white vinegar (which i thought was water). I will never drink out of unlabeled plastic bottles ever again.  on the path up to the temple there were houses and businesses scattered throughout. At the midway point there was a spot where three trees grew into one. (first photo below)

Before heading to Saigon we met up with my brother Luan in Long Khanh to eat steak and eggs and hit up a wedding. No mater when I go to Vietnam there is always a wedding.

The best part about Saigon was the up scale KFC. Otherwise its a overpacked sweaty sardine can.

Dalat used to be an old French Imperial getaway. It is where the best tea and coffee in Vietnam is grown and the only city that ever see snow. If one day I ever disappear from social media you will most likely find me in Dalat eating French pastries and drinking Vietnamese coffee. 

The Cham people in Vietnam are a small minority group with an interesting social structure. They are a Muslim Matriarchal Society. All property and family honor passes through the female side and the woman is the head of the household. Also it is very common for Cham women to have multiple husbands. After learning about these people I changed my photography alias to CHAM because their story shook my understanding of Vietnamese culture and I wanted to embody the idea of destroying tradition and preconceived notions.