Kenzee + Brad in Boulder CO

Lam bought a house in Erie, CO.

I took mom one weekend to talk shit about it. We landed at 6. By 10 I talked two strangers to leave their house party and friends in Denver to pick me up and shoot photos in Boulder. 

80% sure I was going to get murdered.

We started with easy poses such as the "look at each other" and "look not at each other" 11/10

*insert lame ass "hottest mixtape of" line*

At this point a joke was told.

Outdoor shopping, pizza by the slice, and a movie. Just like high school I was 3rd wheel on a pretend date AKA my comfort zone.

At the end of the day neither party axe murdered the other so thats a 13/10 shoot in my book. But real talk it was nice to meet a young couple that is so in love. Cant wait to come back, this time as an friend.